About the Gonzales Way

The Gonzales Way is the way we raise happy, healthy, successful children in Gonzales, California. It comes down to this: Love, Care, and Connect.

A child who feels loved will grow up strong and confident. Love is expressed through care: attention, protection, and guidance. And when we help children connect to their community and to opportunities, they have support to fulfill their dreams.

Here's what that looks like:

Gonzales Way Love iconLove

  • Feeling love: Being held, and having someone who cares close by.
  • Seeing love: Being looked at with love, and seeing parents show love for each other.
  • Hearing love: Being told “I love you,” “I will always be here for you”



Gonzales Way Love iconCare

  • Attention: Just having someone be there, looking after them
  • Protection: Keeping them safe and healthy
  • Guidance: Showing them the way (including when love means saying “no”)



Gonzales Way Connect iconConnect

  • At home: Being included, feeling part of the family
  • In the community: Having friends, and adult mentors
  • To opportunities: Getting chances to learn, explore, and when they’re grown, to choose a career.

It starts with parents, and other caregivers. But it includes the whole community, working together to give our children their best lives.


You can find out more in our Gonzales Way booklet -- and use it to spread the word:

The Gonzales Way (English)

Al estilo Gonzales (Español)

Jimmy Eitoku keeps people healthy in Gonzales

Jimmy Eitoku
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